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Wedding planning? A chocolate fountain is perfect!
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Wedding planning is not an easy task. Choosing a ceremony and reception location involves some of the most important decisions you will make regarding the whole wedding planning process. Your selection will be influenced by the formality of your wedding, season of the year, number of guests and your religious affiliation.  Chocolate Rush have a team of caterers who are experienced in the art of wedding planning and are happy to give advice on all aspects of the big day. You will learn how to create an amazing atmosphere that will be unique and memorable for you and your guests. That’s where the chocolate fountain comes in. We work closely with the wedding planning agencies in the North West.

Wedding planning and chocolate fountain go together so much these days as one out of three weddings have a chocolate fountain.

I bet you didn’t know that food and beverages are typically the largest wedding reception expense?  Depending on the type of reception you choose, whether it be a social cocktail gathering or a five course seated dinner for 300, a caterer can "make or break" the event. A chocolate fountain makes a massive impact at your reception and is just about guaranteed. We are registered with the entire top wedding planning agencies and we have testimonials from many clients, which proves why we are the North West’s leading hirers.

Wedding planning? A chocolate fountain is perfect!Wedding planning? A chocolate fountain is perfect!Chocolate Rush Fruit selectionFountain on display
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Please call the number below or email for any advice on chocolate fountain hire and wedding planning.

Chocolate Rush - Tel: 07810 880 109 Email:
Chocolate Rush - Tel: 07810 880 109 Email:
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